A year-round celebration of one minute films as an art form

FilmoneFest II Movie App

FOF-web-2Films & movies entertain us, inform us, shock us, entrance us. The FilmOneFest II smartphone movie app evokes all of the above with its growing list of films of approximately one-minute in length. Just imagine what it takes to tell a story, deliver a message, connect emotionally and successfully in a film of one minute! It takes talent. FilmOneFest attracts such talent. And our FilmOneFest movie apps are designed to help share such talent across the world. The original app, called FilmOneFest I,  was created in 2011 and is available on iPad. It was such a hit that we were asked to create a smartphone and tablet version for this year, and here it is! These apps have taken on a life of their own on the app store, but originally they weres created for a real out-doors, under-the-stars film festival showing one-minute films from all over the world. The FilmOneFest film festival takes place annually in late July in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA.  

The app has a number of distinct categories to show the collection of one-minute films:

  • All the submissions to the annual festival are available to be viewed
  • The entire program as it is presented live during the actual festival is featured
  • Awards for this year and previous years are always visible
  • A new category “What\’s on our Radar” lets users know what the FilmOneFest crew is curating for future festivals
  • Interaction and connection with the users is augmented

The ability to interact with the app this year is enhanced

  • Selecting and bookmarking favorites is new this year
  • Ability to post selections to your Facebook profiles with your own comments
  • Following and contributing to the Twitter Stream is made easy
  • Users can reach out to filmmakers via their websites and social media links
  • Filmmakers can submit their entries from a link in the app to the submission process

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2011 FilmOneFest iPad App

Find out more about the original 2011 FilmOneFest iPad app and see a preview video .

What People Are Saying

“Film Makers Unite!” A great app for Film Makers, and a great Film Festival in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

“Probably the best little film festival in the world!” To see what I am talking about download the FilmOneFest app; this is what really makes it stand out from other small festivals.

Fresh Content Year Around

A new category “What\’s on our Radar” lets users know what the FilmOneFest crew is curating for future festivals. FilmoneFest movie app on our radar feature We will send in-app notifications when a new batch of films becomes available from the FilmOneFest infamous “curation parties”. So stay tuned and in touch with the app year \’round, for some great short shorts!