The Crankamacallit

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Kids love the many unpredictable moving parts of “The Crankamacallit”.

ipad apps for kids Crankamacallit iPad Apps for Kids? Crankamacallit!

Crankamacallit apps for kids Are you looking for highly interactive iPad apps for kids? The Crankamacallit is a children’s story about building an imaginary vehicle. “The Crankamacallit” is filled with stunning animation and surprising sounds, and using playful, rhythmic language and rhyme, the story draws children (and their parents!) into a fantastic, three-dimensional world of an inventor’s workshop.

3-8 year old kids are mesmerized by the step-by-step process of the Crankamacallit’s creation and feel like active participants in the story as they make unexpected discoveries, explore 360-degree panoramas, play with the hidden drawing tool, and more.

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Part poem, part story, this rhythmic 3D fantasy was written by Mimi Cross , animated by Juergen Berkessel and narrated by acclaimed singer songwriter Robert Burke Warren , aka “Uncle Rock”. The storyline narration adds a wonderfully whimsical dimension, and listeners will laugh out loud at the nuances of Warren’s performance.


  • Unique 3D artwork and unusual illustrations
  • Music and mechanical sounds
  • Interactive Animation and video
  • 360 degree panoramas
  • 3D interactive rotational objects
  • Pan and zoom chart
  • A hidden picture scratch off scene
  • Drawing widget
  • “Secret” hotspots
  • Picture Gallery
  • Developed using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite  

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Interview with the Author

In this interview, Mimi Cross, author of the recently released Crankamacallit iPad app, talks about her experience in creating an interactive children’s story in this new medium.

AppGratis Review: What do Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Back to the Future, and Up have in common? Grumpy older men and a curious obsession with bowties? No. Inventions. Wonderful, awe-inspiring, childhood-defining inventions. Maybe since I’m still a sucker for those films (despite the fact I’m no longer 8) I really loved The Crankamacallit. This fantastic interactive eBook allows you to build the wildest machine imaginable, all with a great rollicking storyline and animations. I love finding apps that are great for kids and adults, and this one is a keeper.


Extraordinary! – This is not a regular app- this is a piece of art! Beautiful design, great story and fantastic narration. It has been a tremendous fun for my 4-year old but also for myself. I love discovering different things in this app, it is getting even better every time I come back. Extraordinary app and great value for the money. Highly recommended!


On behalf of a five year old – Five year old says: “We like it so much! Thank you.” Grownup says: Beautiful graphics, fun interactions, and love the Alligator Waiter song…


Fabulous Fun – My boys love this interactive book. The sounds effects are amazing. It’s one they come back to again and again. The balloon part is their favorite – well, indeed, the entire thing is amazing. Has brought hours of enjoyment to the kids. Highly recommended!! Read, interact, explore. . . be amazed.


App Review at   I think this is a great example of a top quality book app for kids, because they have actually understood what an interactive story should be about: you can touch almost any element on the screen and the effects of the actions are interesting, not gratuitous.